I’ll be honest, I’ve not got a lot to say for myself today. I can’t say I’m feeling very healthy, and I’m actually quite annoyed at myself as I feel this past week or so my mind has not been in the space I wanted it to occupy for the […]

Day 42/100 – a healthy blogging habit

I had a crappy day.  I spent it banging my head against a brick wall over uni work, and had a bit of a meltdown. So it was a matter of self preservation that hubs and I went out for dinner. We went to this lovely little artisan sort of […]

Day 41/100 – healthy eating gives you more, not less

It’s been a long time coming but this morning when I reluctantly dug out the scales and tape measure I finally saw progress!  Weight-wise I’m down 2.4lbs and overall I’ve lost 5.5 inches (including an inch from each thigh, which is basically some sort of witchcraft). I’m actually more relieved […]

Day 40/100 – finally progress

I read a great article on Precision Nutrition the other day that really hit home with me. It resonated with the part of me that is working to accept who I am, and to like who that person is. That part of me which is striving to see weight loss […]

Day 39/100 – the impossible ideal

Today was a struggle, I had zero energy and fell asleep on the train home after battling it all day. I just felt absolutely zonked, as if my batteries had not just ran out but had fallen out completely. I had things to do when I got home (uni work, […]

Day 38/100 – why sleep is so important

I saw something on Facebook today that has stayed with me.  And I know a lot these things do the rounds (which is no bad thing), but maybe his one just caught me at the right time that it really resonated with me. Basically it was what I take to […]

Day 37/100 – is everybody really free to feel good?

It’s funny how sneaky calories can be. I tracked my calorie intake all weekend this week, which is something I’ve not been great at doing in the past few weeks…or ever.  Weekends are my danger zone and have been ever since I first dieted and got into that “weigh-in day […]

Day 36/100 – being honest with calories

Today’s vlog is just a quickie where I mull over this concept that’s been in my mind recently – you need to know what your priorities are if you want to meet your goals, because if your behaviours aren’t in line with what you value most in life then your […]

Day 35/100 – vlog: honour your priorities if you want ...

As is obvious with the blog, I’m on a health journey.  But I’m also trying to improve my family’s health too.  I want my children to develop healthy habits now that will serve them for the rest of their lives. But it’s hard. And it’s hard in all sorts of […]

Day 34/100 – why is it so hard to find ...

33-100 1
Ok, so I’ve been off my antidepressants for a week now…and it hasn’t been easy.  But then on the other hand, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it might have been (yes, I Googled the withdrawal…). There’s the physical stuff, like dizziness and weird head-rush attacks, which have […]

Day 33/100 – a week without antidepressants

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I’m not very experienced in the art of receiving a compliment.  And it is an art, especially when you rarely believe what’s being said.  It’s tough to accept graciously when you either want to contradict the person (“well actually, I’m not very good at X, I’m just really good at […]

Day 32/100 – spread the love

running-573762_640 3
Despite my disappointment with aesthetic progress on Tuesday (day 30), I did achieve a fitness milestone. I’ve completed the couch to 5k (c25k) programme I was using!!  It was a modified version of a 14 day one on my Microsoft band, where I skipped the walking sessions and just did […]

Day 31/100 – why I love couch-to-5k

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I’m going to be real here, I’m quite disheartened at the moment.  I got up for my early morning workout on day 30 (Tuesday), and before pulling on my kit I did my measurements – weight, body fat and inches.  There has been basically no change – not only from […]

Day 30/100 – no progress

So you may have noticed (but probably not) that I didn’t do my weekly vlog on Sunday (day 28).  I had planned to, but ran out of time and also just wasn’t feeling up to getting in front of a camera. But from next week I’m hoping to shake up […]

Day 29/100 – a change to the scheduled vlog

I’ll cut to the chase, my eating over the weekend was horrific.  And I don’t just mean that I ate one too many cakes and had one too many glasses of wine (though I did that too, on Saturday).  I mean I actually binged, for the first time in a […]

Day 28/100 – it’s not always plain sailing