Today at uni was pretty fascinating.  We were looking at different diet approaches for weight loss.  And what we discovered is that if you look at the real scientific research and ignore the celebrities and big voices in the diet industry, the best diet out there…depends on the individual.  It […]

Day 18/100 – the world’s best diet

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m at uni for the next few days, but I don’t think I’ve talked about what I’m studying or why.  And as it relates to my health journey I figured it would be a good topic for today’s post. I’m doing my Masters in Obesity […]

Day 17/100 – studying obesity

After a full day at work, a four hour train journey and a walk wrestling my luggage and shopping, I arrived last night in the B&B which will be my home until Friday.  I couldn’t get into my jammies quick enough, and stretched out in bed to watch the first […]

Day 17/100 – be inspired

Just a quick one tonight, as I’ve been busy packing to go away for uni for the rest of the week.  I’ll be living in a B&B until I come home on Friday night, and this is going to be a challenge for me.  Breakfast will be based on what […]

Day 15/100 – eating out of a suitcase

I’m late posting this one, but that means I can apply the benefit of hindsight to say that last night was a bit of a 100 healthy days win. Hubs and I went to our best friends’ house last night, which usually involves a fair amount of booze as we […]

Day 13/100 – the non-drinker in the room

Friday could not come soon enough this week.  I’m at a point at work where I feel as if I’m on a really cruel candid camera show and someone is going to jump out, laughing and pointing and say “you didn’t think we seriously expected one person to do all […]

Day 12/100 – feeling stressed

Ok, I’ve got a little tip for anyone who is struggling with brown rice.  A bit random, but a Facebook friend was having exactly this dilemma today.  Tonight as I was happily tucking in to my own portion of brown rice I figured I’d pass on my advice to her, […]

Day 11/100 – how to switch to brown rice

I’m back on track with my updates!  Phew…   Today was pretty good, managed my morning strength training and did a fair bit of walking.  I did cave to some biccies in a long meeting this afternoon but I’m still within my daily calorie allowance so it’s not the end […]

Day 10/100 – how to track progress

Late late late, I know!  It’s day 10 and I’m writing about day 9…I’m messing with the time-space continuum or something. Well heading to bed early the night before to shake off the yucks I was experiencing helped me a lot yesterday.  I felt (almost) back to normal, and was […]

Day 09/100 – c25k magic

  I’m a day late with this one after heading to bed early last night.  Yesterday got off to a poor start – I got up at 5.30, got into my gym gear and got as far as my warm up when I had to admit defeat and head back […]

Day 08/100 – when the lurgy hits

I’m a day behind and I’m going to make this a quick one.  I’m feeling rough as astroturf, so when I put the wee fella to his bed soon I’m putting myself to bed too.  I got up for my workout this morning, got as far as my warm-up and […]

Day 07/100 – my first vlog!

06-100 1
Haha, the title makes it sound like I have the solution.  To manage expectations – I don’t! Weekends for me are like a black hole when it comes to my attempts to improve my health, especially where food is concerned.  As soon as Saturday (sometimes Friday…) hits, any food in […]

Day 06/100 – Staying healthy at the weekend

05-100 1
You know when you can feel stress mounting?  As someone who has coped with depression for most of my life, I’m learning what the signs of stress are for me and can now identify them quite early on.  I haven’t quite mastered how to handle stress very well though. But […]

Day 05/100 – Taking time to breathe

It’s late and I want to head to bed.  I spent a nice evening watching Suffragette and was astounded what women put on the line so that other women could have the freedoms we now enjoy today.  I felt quite guilty that I didn’t know how much women sacrificed for […]

Day 04/100 – A bit of self forgiveness